The Collection

Active Collection

The Collection of Museum of… consists of elements that have been on display in the past or maybe will be on display during future presentations. The Collection will be treated in a dynamic way; together, the elements form a kind of a data bank. Museum of… considers itself free to use, remove or add elements for the realization of new constellations and to address and stimulate imagination as well as an alternative way of looking at art.

      Language             Religion                  History              Psychology          Philosophy                  Art

The elements shown above are an inspiration as well as a basis to further expand the Collection. They are also intended as a possible starting point for the viewer to get acquainted with the presentations by Museum of…

Passive Collection

These are works from different series that have been shown during a past presentation by Museum of …

Anonymous Gallery: used paint cans found in the proximity of Museum of… , operated upon and presented in the summer of 2014 during the first official Museum of Paint Can Surgery. 

Portrait Gallery: works from the collection of Museum of Paint Can Surgery presented at different locations between 2007 and 2012. These paint cans have been donated by artists, were then operated upon by Museum of Paint Can Surgery and thus became portraits of the artists.

Representing the Lost Painting: leftover works from the presentation of Museum of It’s About Nothing in 2014.