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Edition L’ Art pour L’ Art

In 2016 Museum of… realized an edition of 16 books called L’Art pour L’Art. Each copy has a canvas hardcover, on which the title has been printed in gold. Inside its cover, the book has 500 empty pages, a title page and a colophon. On the outside it has 16 different dust-jackets of which the order can be altered according to one’s personal insights or preference.  These dust-jackets are in themselves real size prints of books from the L’Art pour L’Art series that have become part of Museum of The Library

The price of the edition is € 195,-

Unique works

These unique works have become too much of a burden considering the context of The Collection from Museum of…, the reason being that they are ongoing series without end. Museum of… decided to sell the works that have not been previously presented by Museum of… The Prices have therefore been kept at a very affordable level.

Works from the series Museum of Paint Can Surgery are available for € 150,- each

The ongoing series Museum of Paint Can Surgery dates back to the year 2000. It consists of individually operated paint cans. The notion behind them is to make the invisible, content of their inside visible and turn them into a sort of minimal paintings.

Works from the Series Representing the Lost Painting are available for € 75,- each

The series Representing the lost Painting was started in 2014 and is consisting of different kinds of sandpaper sheets, previously used to remove painted surfaces. The painted work is lost, while the stained sandpaper, a new abstract painting, remains.

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