Side projects


1 June 2020 – 1  May 2022, in collaboration with P/////AKT.

Unlocked/Reconnected is an initiative that brings together a wide range of ‘houses for art’: museums, institutes for presentation, galleries, artists’ initiatives and corporate collections. The point of departure for Unlocked/Reconnected is the idea of solidarity, the will to reflect collectively on what home is. Our world must not become fragmented, fractured into enclosing walls: a consolidation of forces and locations, national and international, can in fact show us what the house/home can mean. As an initiative Unlocked/Reconnected stems from a sense that opening up the home, in the aftermath of the lock-down, will force us to reconsider our outlook on this. Unlocked/Reconnected underlines the importance of art and culture in this period of global crisis.

Almost Autonomous was first shown in 2009, as part of in Between / Let’s make things Better at P/////AKT. Later on, the work became part of the collection of the newly founded Museum of…, which exhibited the work in an entirely different constellation: Museum of In Between meets L’art pour l’art (2017).

For Unlocked/Reconnected Museum of… is presenting a re-contextualized/adapted work from its active collection, addressing the specific circumstances of the art world at the moment. The coordinates are: 52.367001, 4.9388776

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 Monument for the White Cube

25 May 2018 – March 2023  The work is renovated in June 2022, best opportunity to find it is during Summer. img_20220728_160158

For Public Art Amsterdam, Pay Attention, Please!  P/////AKT is collaborating with Museum of…, which has operated on location in the European countryside over the past couple of years but is now manifesting itself in an urban environment for the first time. 

The Zeeburgerpad, home base to P/////AKT since its foundation, is located on the border of the Eastern Docklands and the Indische Buurt, or rather, between high-end contemporary architecture and a residential area with a previously bad reputation that has become ultra-hip since the end of the financial crisis. This strip is now one of the last fringe areas within central Amsterdam.
For Monument for the White Cube, Museum of… has found a location in a part of eastern Amsterdam where the gentrification hasn’t hit yet, and where there’s still space to experience things differently. Does the white cube still have a raison d’être or is it time to be digging its grave? The curious, adventurous or accidental visitor will find the peace and quiet to contemplate the city, the space for art and art itself. Monument for the White Cube is part of the eastern route and is located somewhere in the last green outskirts of Amsterdam East. To be discovered via its coordinates: 52.366647,4.955800.

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