Museum of…
Is a project that was initiated somewhere in the European countryside and was built on a deserted piece of land. It consists of a hidden pavilion that could either be a white cube or a mausoleum; a construction that claims to be a museum but actually is an artwork that refuses to be defined; it alters its name – and by that its nature – per presentation.
It is an exhibition space, a museum, a work hidden in a no-man’s-land, that can only be found through its coordinates. A place for art and its viewer, shielded from the large audience. An initiative that does not engage with blockbusters and defies superimposed opinions. Museum of… is an artwork that can be discovered and savoured in solitude and without external influences, as a highly personal experience.
There are no openings or finissages, no attendants or exhibition texts; the visitor is there by himself and for himself. He is given the possibility to discover the work in peace and quiet and will be able to create his own story.
Without address and hidden under a camouflage netting, it is a haven for the true art lover who is looking for adventure as well as a curious passer-by, who is given an unexpected experience when he encounters it on his path.
The space has free access for everybody. Museum of… is open from sunrise until sunset.
Museum of… was founded in January 2014, at coordinates; 39.604271, -8.325293 , where nine presentations were organised. From July 2016 Museum of… will now continue its activities at coordinates; 50.690472, 15.201889. At least for the time being, since its existence is slightly nomadic.
The presentations will be announced via http://www.museumof.co, http://www.facebook.com/museumof and e-mail. At the end of each presentation the documentation will be shared with the outside world through the website and Facebook.